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Jason Bourne (2016)
Photo: Universal Pictures

Fifth Bourne Film Moving Forward At Universal With Jeremy Renner

Universal Pictures is moving forward with a fifth installment in their hit Bourne franchise according to reports by Deadline. The next installment will follow the continuing story of Jeremy Renner’s character Aaron Cross. The studio has hired writer Anthony Peckham to script the second Cross installment.

The Aaron Cross character was introduced in the fourth installment, The Bourne Legacy, which was directed by regular series writer Tony Gilroy. The Bourne Legacy opened domestically on August 10, 2012 to the tune of $38.1 million its opening weekend and while it went on to make just $113.2 million domestically, its $276.6 million worldwide gross proved that the franchise was strong and the world was ready for a new Bourne lead, following the departure of Matt Damon, who starred as Jason Bourne in the first three films.

Renner’s Cross was a new agent introduced in Legacy who had been enhanced medically to be smarter and stronger than other agents as part of Operation Outcome until he was targeted for termination. Supreme

Source: Deadline

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