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James Franco Believes Every Thing Will Be Fine

James Franco PhotoHanWay Films has announced that James Franco has signed to star in Wim Wenders’ Every Thing Will Be Fine.

Franco will play Tomas, a writer, who accidentally causes the death of a child. The story follows Tomas through the next twelve years, searching for the footprints of the accident on his life, as well as on the life of Kate, the child’s mother. Franco will join Sarah Polley who had previously been cast in the film.

Production on the drama will begin in Montreal this August and will continue into January 2014. The screenplay is by Norwegian writer Bjørn Olaf Johannessen. The film will be shot in 3D.

Gian-Piero Ringel will produce the film through his and Wenders’ Neue Road Movies banner.

“‘Every Thing Will Be Fine’ is a family drama, unravelling over the course of 12 years,” stated Wenders. “A story of guilt and forgiveness, and of accepting things you cannot change anymore. We wrote it with 3D in mind, and I’m convinced that the medium lends itself really well to an intimate story.”

Source: HanWay Films

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