Jumpin' Jack Flash - Theatrical Poster - Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Jumpin’ Jack Flash Leaps Onto Blu-ray This May

Jumpin' Jack Flash - Theatrical Poster - Courtesy of 20th Century FoxAnchor Bay has announced that they are releasing 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s Jumpin’ Jack Flash onto Blu-ray this May. The film marked the feature film directorial debut of Penny Marshall and starred Whoopi GoldbergStephen CollinsJohn WoodCarol Kane, and Annie PottsJumpin’ Jack Flash will be available online and in stores beginning May 28th.

In the film, a computer operator (Goldberg) at a bank is plunged into an exciting world of international intrigue, danger and romance when her terminal gets an S.O.S. from “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” a British spy stranded in Eastern Europe. Soon she’s matching wits with the deadliest members of the CIA and the KGB. The film features early appearances by Jon Lovitz, Phil Hartman, Jonathan Pryce, Tracey Ullman, and Jim Belushi.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash was released in October of 1986 and grossed over $29 million in worldwide box office.

Anchor Bay has not released any information concerning technical specifications and special features yet.

Here is the theatrical trailer for Jumpin’ Jack Flash, courtesy of Guyver Fan 95.

[youtube id=”CmOhsMEnGOQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Source: Blu-ray.com

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