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Riot - Theatrical Poster - Courtesy of Olive Films

Riot Comes Quietly Onto Blu-ray

Riot - Theatrical Poster - Courtesy of Olive FilmsOlive Films has announced that addition of the drama Riot to their upcoming slate of Blu-ray releases. The film was directed by  and is based on the novel by . The drama starred , and . Riot is currently available for pre-order online and will be available in stores everywhere beginning on September 17th.

In the film, led by two inmates, the prisoners in a state facility take guards hostage and stage an all-out riot, protesting ill-treatment, but unbeknownst to them it’s a ruse for their two leaders to escape through a secret tunnel while all the commotion is going on. Riot was released into theaters in January of 1969.

Olive Films has not released any details concerning the exact tech specs and special features that will be included with the disc.


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