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Zoe Saldana Talks About Avatar Sequels

Zoe Saldana PhotoWhile promoting Star Trek Into Darkness, Zoe Saldana has talked about the other major science fiction franchise that she is involved with, Avatar. Speaking with MTV, the actress says that she’s been in touch with director James Cameron some about the scripts and he’s finishing them up now.

“I know that he’s sort of been removing himself from things that might distract him so that he can focus on doing the final tweaks on the scripts. He did share that he’s in a very interesting and fragile place, because the story is dictating itself.”

“You walk a fine line when you’re the creator of the story you’re going to tell, of the manipulation that you may have unconsciously of the story and the characters versus allowing the story to unfold it, because you did create such a monumental and solid platform that they’re just living and breathing organisms and they’re the ones that need to make their own decisions. I’m geek talking right now, but that’s how intense it affects me and how I feel about amazing storytellers like James Cameron, like J.J. Abrams. They create things that are real out of unimaginable scenarios, and that is beautiful to me.

However, fans will not have to wait long between Avatar 2 and Avatar 3. The current plans are to shoot both sequels back to back. Speaking on “The Jonathan Ross Show” Saldana confirmed these plans along with a potential start date.

“I think that they’re doing a part two and a part three and they’re probably going to shoot it at the same time…If we just do two and then wait, I’ll probably be 45 or 50 by the time we get to part three. It takes a long time, it’s a very hard process.”

No release date has been set for either film, but Avatar 2 was originally targeted for a December 2014 release and Avatar 3 for December 2015.

Source: MTV and Digital Spy

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