The MHM Podcast Network 2018 Hall of Fame Nomination Ballot

Submissions Accepted April 1, 2018—July 31, 2018

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MHM’s Induction Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the MHM Hall of Fame! With your help, MHM will commemorate the best actors, producers, directors, and films from the Silent Film Era all the way to today’s blockbusters.

Election Procedures

Our not-so-scientific nominations seeks to honor the works and history of the motion picture industry that influences our lives so greatly.

Below, you will find the general guidelines we use for the selection process into our Hall of Fame.

Selection Process

We divided the induction process into two parts:

  1. Candidate Nominations
  2. Inductee Voting

You are part of the nominating committee! This is the honor system, and the only rule is that you only vote once per email. Nominations are accepted April 1, 2018 through July 31, 2018.

Final Nomination Committee

Chris and Chad comprise the final nomination committee that decides the candidates for the Elector ballot.

We are dividing the nominees into six categories:

  • Male Actor–Six (6) nominees
  • Female Actor–Six (6) nominees
  • Motion Picture–Six (6) nominees
  • Producer–Three (3) nominees
  • Director–Three (3) nominees
  • Film Score–Three (3) nominees


MHM’s podcasters will serve as the official Hall of Fame Electors. Electors make their selections from the list of nominees brought forward by the Nomination Committee. Chris and Chad also serve as Electors.

Each Elector casts one (1) vote in each of the six categories for a total of six (6) votes.

The categories are as follows:

  • Male Actor
  • Female Actor
  • Motion Picture
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Film Score

Induction Process

Chris and Chad tabulate Elector votes with our podcast team approving the inductees by a majority vote.

Each year six (6) individuals, two (2) movies and one (1) film score will be inducted into the Motion Picture Hall of Fame. Induction will equal one-third of the nominees.

We divide the inductees in the six (6) categories as follows:

  • Male Actor–Two (2) actors
  • Female Actor–Two (2) actors
  • Motion Picture–Two (2) films
  • Producer–One (1)
  • Director–One (1)
  • Film Score–One (1)


2018 Nomination Ballot

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  • Add a new row
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  • Add a new row
    You may nominate up to three (3) Producers
  • Add a new row
    You may nominate up to three (3) Directors
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    You may nominate up to three (3) Film Scores
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