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A Great Movie (2017)

As a dedicated writer unsuccessfully pitches her script in Hollywood, her movie comes alive and intercuts with reality. As she receives notes from non-creative execs, her script slowly transforms from a great movie about a black woman in Mexico, to a romantic comedy with all beautiful white people. Jennifer Sharp directs the film which stars Numa Perrier, Jose Casasus, Jake Olson, Jennifer Sharp, Natasha Esca, William McKinney, and Taylor Olandt.

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A Great Movie Film Summary

At 35 years old, Susan – African American– is bankrupt and alone. With nothing to lose, she travels to an island in Mexico in search of LUIS, her first boyfriend whom she has always loved and hasn’t seen in 15 years, when he was a Mexican exchange student at her school. As we settle into the pace of this lyrical journey in the beautiful Caribbean, a voice from above stops the scene. “I’m losing interest. Who is she?”

In a chic LA agency, ZOE, a middle aged African American writer, sits across from a talent agent who tears her story apart. He tells her to give Susan a job to make her likable. Zoe argues that Susan’s job holds no relevance to the story. She tells him that “Susan could be a barista” and it wouldn’t make a difference. “Then make her a barista!”

“I’m a barista!” Back in Mexico, Susan explains her job to her taxi driver, but even if he understood English, he could care less. She wanders the streets dodging local vendors and finally finds Luis. Their reunion is nothing short of electric, and it’s apparent that what they had was a love of a lifetime. But with a wife and kids, Luis is no longer available.

Twenty five minutes in, after getting enough feedback that Susan needs a sidekick, Zoe adds the character of JENNY, her best friend who now joins her on the journey. Jenny is an upbeat addition who’s open minded adventurous spirit and ability to speak Spanish, opens the door to interact with super interesting town locals. There are 30 small parts for Mexicans that Jenny and Susan meet along the way and all of them will be played by actual Mexicans who live in the town – not actors. On her journey, Jenny has authentic interactions with locals who are amazing characters and add an interesting dimension of creativity and realism to the film.

“You need star power!” Back in Los Angeles, Zoe takes her script to agents, managers, script doctors, contests and continually receives negative criticisms. With each note, she changes the script a little more until the beautiful lyrical movie about a black woman traveling to Mexico to reconnect with an old love, has become a full scale Hollywood romantic comedy full of beautiful white people. Yes, even Susan changes from black to white.

After Zoe has transformed her script to exactly what the industry wants, she still gets rejected. She finally quits trying and moves back to her small town. Once back home, she tells a friend the storyline of her original movie. This a a simple beautiful journey about the true love that got away. A story about bad timing and soul mates. A story about love and friendship. Her friend loves it and declares that it’s “A Great Movie” and she has to make it. But how? No one will invest, no one in Hollywood seems to get it. Her friend plants the seed for her to just make it on her own. Zoe thinks, but for now it’s just a pipe dream.

A Great Movie Project Overview

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