Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: The Secret of the Petrified Tablet (Paperback) (2020)


Two of the fiercest crime lords in New York City are on a quest to decipher an ancient petrified tablet – whose secrets promise great power! It’s an indisputable classic by two of Marvel’s greatest creators, Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. -and that’s not all they have in store! J. Jonah Jameson has the Daily Bugle working overtime to brand Spider-Man as Public Enemy Number One, the Prowler hits the scene, the Black Widow debuts her sultry new spy gear- and the origin of Peter’s parents is revealed! Plus, the Kingpin comes back for more, and this time it’s a family affair! Also featuring Gwen Stacy and the gang…whose heads are really going to turn when an ill Peter Parker strolls into a party in his Spider-Man costume!

Series: Amazing Spider-man
Collecting: VOL. 5: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN(1963) 68-85, ANNUAL (1964) 5, 6 (COVER ONLY)
Paperback: 456 pages
Publisher: Marvel
Release Date: February 25, 2020
Author: Stan Lee
Illustrator: John Romita, John Buscema, Larry Lieber
Language:  English

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