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Blue Steel (1934)

Episode #45

A Lone Star Production released Blue Steel to theaters on May 10, 1934. Robert N. Bradbury directed the film which starred John Wayne, Eleanor Hunt, and George ‘Gabby’ Hayes.

‘Blue Steel’ Movie Summary

John Carruthers is an undercover US Marshal in town to investigate a string of robberies that the Polka Dot Bandit, is said to have committed. One such robbery takes place late on a rainy night at an inn where the town’s sheriff, Jake Withers, is staying. Around 1 o’clock n the morning, Hank, the innkeeper hears a ruckus, and he wakes the sheriff. They find a payroll the stagecoach driver brought in a few hours earlier to be missing from the inn’s safe.

The next morning, Wither does some investigating, and he finds the cabin where Carruthers is staying. Carruthers gets the drop on the sheriff, but doesn’t shoot him. Instead, he invites the old timer to eat with him. Withers accepts the offer even though he’s wary of the stranger.

Soon, at the Yucca City General Store, the local ranchers discuss their options as the outlaws continue to steal their food, money, and local supplies. One of the ranchers, a man named Malgrove, is the one masterminding behind the robberies. He plays it like he’s on the rancher’s side…for now.

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A Lone Star Production released Blue Steel to theaters on May 10, 1934. Robert N. Bradbury directed the film which starred John Wayne, Eleanor Hunt, and George 'Gabby' Hayes.

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  1. Hello there! I’ve been listening to your podcast on the way to and from work. It’s awesome that you all are going through John Wayne’s entire movie catalog and reviewing them. I find that to be an extremely interesting concept. I am a huge John Wayne fan. I currently own all of John Wayne’s leading roles with the exception of the films that have been perceived to be lost. So if you all ever need a guest to come on, I’d be interested and I’m prepared lol. But in the meantime, I’d be interested in hearing an episode from one of John Waynes 1937’s adventure films like Sea Spoilers, Conflict or that time he played a hockey player in Idol of the Crowds. I also can’t wait to hear your all’s opinions of John Wayne’s serials from the early 30’s! Lol! Well I hope to hear from you! Keep up the good podcasts!

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