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Top 5 Family Movies of 2016

Pete's Dragon (2016)

As a father of three small kids, I see just about every family movie released any more. Here are the top-5 from 2016, sorted by how I rank them. My kids’ opinions are added as well. They’re girls age 9 and 5, and a boy age 3.

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MHM’s List of Movies We are Most Excited to See in 2017

Alien: Covenant (2017) Katherine Waterson

2016 was something of a bust for films. There were a lot of lackluster showings, but 2017 is a new beginning. MHM's crew lists their top 5 films they are most excited to see in 2017. Will they pick one of your films? Leave us a comment, and let us know your picks for the new year.

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MHM’s Favorite Movies of 2016

Hell or High Water

2016 has come to an end, and there have been many film failures...especially in the summer blockbuster department. All wasn't lost. There were still many gems to be found. MHM asked some of its podcasters to give us their top 5 films of 2016, and here's what they said. Let us know in the comments below your top 5 films for 2016.

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Westworld One of Four Worlds?

Westworld One of Four Worlds?

For Westworld's season finale, we saw Maeve and crew enter into a newly revealed area of the park labeled SW, followed by Samurai Warrior hosts practicing their skills. Many have assumed/hoped that there would be other worlds in the Westworld series like the original movie.

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MHM’s Guilty Pleasures: Films We Secretly Love

9 to 5 (1980)

With all the films out there, there are bound to be many stinkers. You know they aren't great, but don't care. You love them anyway. MHM asked some of its podcasters to give us their list of films they like, and don't care who knows even if they are being judged for it. Here's what they said.

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MHM’s Most Overrated Movies

Titanic (1997)

Many times a film has immense box-office success and overwhelmingly positive reviews, but when you see the movie, it falls flat for you. MHM asked some of its podcasters to give us their list of most overrated films, and here's what they said.

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Westworld’s Charlotte Hale is Arnold Weber’s Daughter?

Westworld’s Charlotte Hale is Arnold's Daughter?

With Episode 9: The Well-Tempered Clavier, we learn Bernard is a clone of Arnold. The cornerstone of Bernard’s programming is the death of his son. The memory was given to him as an “homage of sorts” as Dr. Ford calls it. This makes me believe that the actual Arnold had a child (or children) too, and his son died from …

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Westworld’s Bernard Lowe is a Host

Westworld’s Bernard Lowe is a Host?

We are two episodes into Westworld, and already the fan theories/conspiracies are flying left and right. One of the more interesting characters to me is Bernard Lowe, Dr. Ford’s right-hand man. He seems to have exclusive access to everything in the park at the highest levels.

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