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Echoes of You (2019)

2019's Echoes of You is about an aspiring classical pianist who finds his greatest fulfillment in an unlikely place. Henry…

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PHX Film Collective Special Screening for 2008’s Let the Right One In

The PHX Film Collective, in partnership with Stray Cat Theatre, will be showing the film Let the Right One In…

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Interview with Vera VanGuard of Breaking Barbi

The MHM Podcast Network's Shane Adam Bassett interviews Vera VanGuard, the lovely producer, writer, star of sure to be cult…

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Road to the Well (2016)

Road to the Well is about a drifter named Jack who pays a visit to his old friend Frank. Frank's…

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A Great Movie (2017)

As a dedicated writer unsuccessfully pitches her script in Hollywood, her movie comes alive and intercuts with reality. As she…

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The Missing Hand (2016)

The Missing Hand is about an unlikely duo who must decide what to do with a severed hand they find…

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Town vs. Gown (2016)

Town vs. Gown is about an Army veteran who still carriess the psychological wounds of war, and he gets a…

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MONOCHROME: A Dystopian, Action/Adventure

MONOCHROME is a dystopian world where outcast people known as “Hues” are traded and sold like currency, before being hunted…

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Scammerhead (2014)

Scammerhead is the strange and epic tale of legendary hustler Silas Breece and his Empire of Scam.

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The Secret Garden (2016)

The Secret Garden is a taut, psychological thriller that is a tribute to the classic spy movie and idealizes the…

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