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  • Photo of God Bless America (2012)

    God Bless America (2012)

    Magnolia Pictures released God Bless America on April 6, 2012. Bobcat Goldthwait directed film starring Joel Murray, Tara Lynne Barr,…

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  • Photo of Trainspotting (1996)

    Trainspotting (1996)

    Miramax Home Entertainment released Trainspotting to theaters on August 9, 1996. Danny Boyle directed film starring Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner,…

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  • Photo of King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)

    King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)

    Toho Company released King Kong vs. Godzilla to Japanese theaters on August 11, 1962. Ishirô Honda directs the film which…

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  • Photo of Planet of the Vampires (1965)

    Planet of the Vampires (1965)

    American International Pictures (AIP) released Planet of the Vampires to theaters on October 27, 1965. Mario Bava directed the film…

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  • Photo of Godzilla Raids Again (1955)

    Godzilla Raids Again (1955)

    Toho Company released Godzilla Raids Again to Japanese theaters on April 24, 1955.

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  • Photo of Turbo Kid (2015)

    Turbo Kid (2015)

    EMA Films released Turbo Kid to theaters on August 28, 2015. François Simard and Anouk Whissell directed the film starring…

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  • Photo of The 92nd Academy Awards Ceremony Predictions

    The 92nd Academy Awards Ceremony Predictions

    Movie House Concessions on the MHM Podcast Network gives our Oscar predictions for the 92nd Academy Awards Ceremony that will…

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  • Photo of Green Room (2016)

    Green Room (2016)

    A24 released Green Room to theaters on May 13, 2016. Jeremy Saulnier directs the film which stars Anton Yelchin, Imogen…

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  • Photo of Ex Machina (2015)

    Ex Machina (2015)

    A24 released Ex Machina to theaters on April 24, 2015. Alex Garland directs the film which stars Alicia Vikander, Domhnall…

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  • Photo of Kung Fury (2015)

    Kung Fury (2015)

    Laser Unicorns released Kung Fury to theaters on May 28, 2015. David Sandberg directs the film which stars David Sandberg,…

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  • Photo of The Boonies (2019)

    The Boonies (2019)

    TriCoast Entertainment brings The Boonies to digital platforms: Amazon, Hoopla, Vimeo on Demand, and FANDANGO on November 11, 2019.

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  • Photo of The Big Year (2011)

    The Big Year (2011)

    Twentieth Century Fox released The Big Year to theaters on October 14, 2011. David Frankel directs the film which stars…

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