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Chasing Amy (1997)
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Chasing Amy (1997)

  Movie House Memories Episode #101
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Miramax released Chasing Amy to theaters on April 18, 1997. Kevin Smith directed film which starred Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams, and Jason Lee.

Chasing Amy Movie Summary

Comic book artists and BFFs, Holden McNeil and Banky Edwards promote their book, Bluntman and Chronic, at a comic book convention in NYC. There, they meet Alyssa Jones; another comic book artist.

Holden has the hots for Alyssa, but she’s lesbian, and Holden is immeditely friend-zoned. Holden eventually tells Alyssa that he’s in love with her. Although this angers Alyssa, she eventually calms down, and the two start dating.

Their relationship makes Banky jealous, and he does his best to sabotage the two by digging up dirt on Alyssa. He learns that Alyssa had a threesome in high school with two guys. This news irks Holden it breaks his fantasy that he is the only man she’s slept with.

After Holden and Alyssa get in a big argument, Holden has lunch with Jay and Silent Bob. Silent Bob inspires Holden to not give up. He invites Alyssa and Banky to his place where he tells Alyssa that he still wants to be her boyfriend, and tells Banky that he knows he’s in love with him. Holden says the only way to set things straight is for them all to have a threesome of their own. Both Banky and Alyssa end their relationship with Holden.

A year passes, and Banky, Holden, and Alyssa each promote their own books at the comic book convention in NYC. The two share a moment before Holden goes to say hi to Alyssa. After a brief conversation, Holden gives her a copy of his new book based on their failed relationship titled Chasing Amy.


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  • Eddie

    Good podcast, but still can’t believe it was picked. You mentioned you are a big fan of Fifth Element, is that in your top 100?

    • MHMChris

      I do like 90s Kevin Smith films a lot, and I think this is his best film.

      The Fifth Element is an awesome movie. I don’t know if it’s a top 100, but it’s close.

      • Eddie

        Have you seen Tusk or Yoga Hosers?

        • MHMChris

          Tusk is on my list. Yoga Hosers looked a little to kiddie for my tastes. Have you watched them?

        • Chad M. Moon

          I have seen both Tusk and Yoga Hosers, Eddie. Tusk is a very good film, if the viewer is open minded. It’s definitely extraordinary. I would give it a solid B+. Yoga Hosers is a fun watch, but is a little too far fetched, even for this Kevin Smith apologist. I would give it a grade of C+ or B-.


  • Who

    Who in their right mind writes an article about Chasing Amy and includes “Ethan Suplee” as a star and not Jason Lee?!

    • MHMChris

      That would be us! I fixed it though because you’re exactly right!!!!

  • Chad M. Moon

    Jason Lee was BRILLIANT in Chasing Amy! Sure he wasn’t a skilled actor at the time, but that is what made his performance great. It was unique and organic. And manic!


    • MHMChris

      That’s the charm of Kevin Smith’s early movies. There is a lot of rawness to his films which compliments his stories and makes them more genuine.

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