Futurama – Episode 2: The Series Has Landed


The Series Has LandedNow that Fry (Billy West), Leela (Katey Sagal), and Bender (John DiMaggio) have their new jobs with Planet Express, it’s time to meet the other employees working there.

First we see Hermes Conrad (Phil LaMarr) who pays the bills and runs the business for the Professor. After the Professor makes Leela the Captain, it’s Hermes’ job to make sure she signs a waiver freeing them from any liability in case of death.

Next up, the Professor takes Fry to see Doctor John A. Zoidberg (Billy West) for a physical. Zoidberg is a bit weird because he wears sandals. He also doesn’t have a clue about human anatomy and physiology.

Lastly, we meet Planet Express’ intern, Amy Wong (Lauren Tom) who’s an engineering student of the Professor’s. She also comes from a very rich family which she tries to deny having. The Professor has her give Bender’s body a going over with a cleaning pick.

With everything set, the crew heads to the Moon for their first delivery to Luna Park which is nothing more than a tacky amusement park. Fry is excited to go there; thinking he will be a hero for visiting. Unfortunately, he’s dismayed because Leela only wants to deliver the package and go home. Fry convinces her to stay so he can see the Moon.

We find that in the 31st century, the actual details of Project Apollo are lost. Now, singing whalers and goofy gophers spew make-believe history. Frustrated, Fry wants to see the real Moon—not this fake place full of gravity and touristy trinkets.

To appease him, Leela takes him to a lunar ride for an educational tour. However, the fungeneers’ visualization of the Moon’s lost history annoys Fry even more. Even though Leela orders him not too, Fry takes their lunar rover off the track, and out onto the real Moon. She gives Fry 10 minutes of fun before they need to return to go home. However, Fry manages to drive the rover into a crater, and they get stuck. This forces Leela to use up most of their spare oxygen to fly them out of it.

Meanwhile, Amy has lost the keys to the ship, and they wind up inside a video arcade claw game. Bender attempts to help her, but the Moon Patrol arrests him for reaching through the prize slot to steal the prizes. They toss his shiny metal ass out of the park—leaving him stranded on the Moon’s surface as well.

Running low on oxygen, Fry and Leela find refuge on a hydroponic farm. They do some chores to earn oxygen so they can get back to safety. While they milk some space ticks, Leela berates Fry for refusing to accept that, apart from the amusement park, the Moon is nothing but a dried-up wasteland.

Bender suddenly scuttles into the barn where they’re at with the Hydroponic Farmer (Billy West) yelling and shooting at him from behind. Apparently, he was messing with his three robot daughters—especially his lovely pink one named Crushinator (Maurice LaMarche).

Bender, Fry, and Leela hop on a lunar rover as the farmer takes chase inside Crushinator, with his two other daughters coming along for the ride. The chase ends when Crushinator refuses to jump a ravine because she’s in love with Bender.

However, nightfall is coming, and the dark side of the Moon is very, very cold. Fry and Leela need to take cover before they freeze to death. They find the Apollo 11 lander, and take shelter inside it—leaving Bender outside. Fry apologizes to Leela for hijacking the car. It’s just that he had a childhood dream of being an astronaut. Leela sympathizes with him, and the two watch the Earthrise together.

The farmer shows up one more time with another killing machine. As he chases Bender towards the Apollo 11 lander, Amy swoops in on the Planet Express. Having mastered the claw game, she was able to retrieve the ship’s keys, and learn the skills to fly it. She uses its magnet to pick up Bender and the lander before the farmer can kill them.

Season 1 – Original Air Date: April 4, 1999


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