Ewan McGregor Eager To Return To The World Of Trainspotting

Trainspotting - Theatrical Poster - Courtesy of Miramax FilmsThe Guardian is reporting that international film star Ewan McGregor has confirmed his willingness to star in Danny Boyle’s planned sequel to the cult 1996 film Trainspotting.

Speaking at a Q&A session following a reunion screening of Trainspotting in London, McGregor said it would be an “extraordinary experience” to reprise the role of Mark Renton, which made his name. Boyle revealed in March that he is planning a sequel that could find its way to the big screen for 2016, the 20th anniversary of the cult film about Edinburgh drug addicts. It will be based loosely on the book “Porno” by Irvine Welsh, in which the Trainspotting author imagined Renton, Sickboy, Begbie and Spud becoming embroiled in a scheme to raise cash by making a pornographic movie many years after the events of the earlier book.

As well as McGregor, Robert CarlyleJonny Lee Miller, and Ewan Bremner would all be expected to return for the sequel, reprising their roles as the ultra-violent Begbie, the cynical Sickboy and the hapless Spud respectively. Welsh’s novel also features Diane Coulston, played in Trainspotting by Kelly Macdonald.

Released in the United States in July of 1996, Trainspotting went on to gross over $16 million at the box office in the U.S. alone. The film garnered an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. Talk of a sequel has constantly followed the original film since the publication of the “Porno” novel in 2002.

Source: The Guardian

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