Green Room (2016)

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Green Room takes place in the Pacific Northwest outside of Portland. Pat, Sam, Reece, and Tiger’s punk rock band, The Ain’t Rights, perform at a shady bar out in the woods. While the show goes well, on the way out one of them forgets their cell phone. Upon retrieval of it Pat witnesses a dead body in the club, and now the bar’s equally shady owner, Darcy, wants the band killed to eliminate any witnesses. The Ain’t Rights do their best to escape the club alive, and make it back to home before Darcy gets a hold of them.

‘Green Room’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains spoilers.
Green Room (2016)Green Room is about a punk band called the Ain’t Rights as Pat (Anton Yelchin), Sam (Alia Shawkat), Reece (Joe Cole), and Tiger (Callum Turner) travel through the Pacific Northwest. After a cancelled gig in Portland, a local radio host named Tad (David Thompson) gets them a new one at a neo-Nazi skinhead bar his cousin, Daniel (Mark Webber), works at. It’s a shady place located in the woods outside Portland.

The show goes fine, but once they head out, Pat returns to the green room to pickup Sam’s phone. Inside, he sees the body of a girl named Emily (Taylor Tunes). One of the neo-Nazis stabbed her to death.

Pat goes to call the police, but two bar employees Gabe (Macon Blair) and Big Justin (Eric Edelstein) stop him. They take everyone’s phones, and lock them as hostages in the green room.

Gabe pays one skinhead to stab another to make the death look like self defense. The bar’s owner, Darcy (Patrick Stewart), runs the skinheads organization as well as the bar. He tells them to kill the band to eliminate witnesses.

Band on the run

The band manages to overpower Big Justin, and then hold him hostage with a box cutter and pistol they take off him. Darcy negotiates with them through the door, and asks them to hand over the pistol. Pat agrees, but when he opens the door, Emily’s friend Amber (Imogen Poots) screams it’s a trap.

Darcy and his men grab his arm, and hack at it with machetes until he drops the gun. Pat is able to close the door though. Big Justin takes the opportunity to attack the band, but Reece chokes him unconscious. When Big Justin wakes again, Reece chokes him down again, and Amber kills him with the box cutter.

As the band looks for a way out, they find an underground drug lab. However, its only exit has a lock on the outside. They arm themselves with anything they can weaponize before leaving the green room. They find the club now empty. The neo-Nazi, Clark (Kai Lennox), has a big dog he unleashes, and it kills Tiger. Amber and Pat use microphone feedback to drive the dog away. Reece tries to escape jumping out a window, but a skinhead hacks him to death.

Pat, Amber, and Sam retreat back to the green room. Darcy sends Daniel into the club to kill the remaining band members in retaliation for killing Emily. Amber lets Daniel know that another neo-Nazi named Werm (Brent Werzner) murdered Emily when he discovered Daniel and Emily were planning to leave the skinheads.

A little skinhead help

Daniel then agrees to help them escape, and he leads the band into the club. The club’s bartender shoots him dead. The group kills the bartender for their bit of repayment, and they then take his shotgun. Clark’s dog is back, and it kills Sam. Darcy’s men then wound Amber, who returns back to the green room with Pat.

Next, Darcy sends Jonathan (Samuel Summer) and Kyle (Mason Knight) to kill Pat and Amber. He then walks away with the bodies to make their their deaths to appear as trespassers that he had to kill. Pat lures Jonathan down into the drug lab while Kyle remains back in the green room. Amber kills Kyle with a box cutter to the throat. Pat and Jonathan fight, but Amber sneaks up from behind, and shoots him. As Gabe enters the green room, he finds his buddies dead, so he surrenders to Pat and Amber.

They hold Gabe at gunpoint, and trek through the woods. Pat finds Darcy and his men staging the crime scene, so he and Amber go to take them out. Meanwhile, Gabe volunteers to go to a nearby farm to call the police. Pat and Amber then kill Clark and Alan. Darcy pulls a gun from his jacket, but Pat and Amber kill him dead too. Exhausted, they then sit on the side of the road, and wait for the police as the film ends.

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A24 released Green Room to theaters on May 13, 2016. Jeremy Saulnier directs the film which stars Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkat.

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