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Haunted Gold (1932)

Episode #28

Warner Bros. released Haunted Gold to theaters on May 26, 1956. Mack V. Wright directed the western which stars John Wayne, Sheila Terry, and Blue Washington.

‘Haunted Gold’ Movie Summary

John Mason returns to the Sally Ann mine to claim his half of its share as Janet Cater also returns to it. Unfortunately, her father lost his half share to Joe Ryan; maybe Ryan wasn’t completely honest in taking that share. However, half isn’t enough for Ryan. He and his gang want all the gold. Now Mason must expose Ryan as an outlaw, and to force him to return his share back to Janet. As the gang kidnaps Mason, a mysterious Phantom shows up to put a wrench in everyone’s plan.

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Warner Bros. released Haunted Gold to theaters on May 26, 1956. Mack V. Wright directs the western which stars John Wayne, Sheila Terry, and Blue Washington.

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6 years ago

Sounds like Shane liked this more than the searchers! Just noticed you haven’t reviewed any of the cavalry trilogy yet(Fort Apache, she wore a yelllow ribbon, rio grande). Also Reap the Wild Wind is worth a look. It’s a big budget Cecile B DeMille movie with Wayne and Ray Milland. And it has a fight with a giant squid.

6 years ago
Reply to  Eddie

Those are coming up…Fort Apache in August 2018, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon in February 2019, and Rio Grande in October 2019. Reap the Wild Wind isn’t on the list yet, but a fight with a squid sounds great!

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