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Haunted Gold (1932)

Episode #28

Warner Bros. released Haunted Gold to theaters on May 26, 1956. Mack V. Wright directs the western which stars John Wayne, Sheila Terry, and Blue Washington.

‘Haunted Gold’ Movie Summary

John Mason receives an unsigned letter requesting his presence to an abandoned mining town. This intrigues Mason as his father left him a half-share to the Sally Ann mine outside of that town.

Once there, Mason learns that the hot daughter of his dad’s former mine partner, Janet Cater, received the same letter. He also learns that sometime in the past, Joe Ryan of the Joe Ryan gang swindled Janet’s dad out of his half of the claim. As for Joe Ryan, well he received a letter too, and he and his boys are in town to earn a little easy money.

A mysterious “Phantom” haunts the town, and it spooks much of Ryan’s gang and Mason’s token slave, Clarence, but Mason and Joe know better. They know there’s gold in that there mine, and the Phantom is just some made up Scooby Doo story to keep everyone away from the treasure.

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Warner Bros. released Haunted Gold to theaters on May 26, 1956. Mack V. Wright directs the western which stars John Wayne, Sheila Terry, and Blue Washington.

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  1. Sounds like Shane liked this more than the searchers! Just noticed you haven’t reviewed any of the cavalry trilogy yet(Fort Apache, she wore a yelllow ribbon, rio grande). Also Reap the Wild Wind is worth a look. It’s a big budget Cecile B DeMille movie with Wayne and Ray Milland. And it has a fight with a giant squid.

    1. Those are coming up…Fort Apache in August 2018, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon in February 2019, and Rio Grande in October 2019. Reap the Wild Wind isn’t on the list yet, but a fight with a squid sounds great!

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