Jayne Mansfield’s Car – Trailer

Anchor Bay Films has released a theatrical trailer for the drama Jayne Mansfield’s Car. The film is directed by Billy Bob Thornton, who wrote the screenplay with Tom Epperson. The drama stars Kevin BaconRay StevensonRobert PatrickJohn HurtRobert Duvall, Tippi Hedren, and Thornton himself. Jayne Mansfield’s Car will be available On Demand beginning on August 20th and will hit select theaters on September 13th.

In the film, a young man in the 1940’s raises a family in Alabama after his wife leaves him for an Englishman and moves to England. When the wife dies, she leaves a request to be brought back to Alabama to be buried, and at that point the man hasn’t seen her in nearly 30 years. The two families – her original family she abandoned and her English family – meet and make an attempt to adjust to each other, with uneven results.

Source: Anchor Bay Films

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