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La La Land (2016)
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La La Land (2016)

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La La Land hit theaters on December 25, 2016, and has made $182M worldwide to date. Damien Chazelle directs the musical starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Rosemarie DeWitt.

La La Land Movie Summary

Our story begins like most days do in Los Angeles; stuck in traffic. Mia is an aspiring actress on her way to work as a barista. Sebastian is a jazz pianist who aspires to own his own night club. The two share a moment of road rage when Sebastian waves to Mia with only one finger.

Later that the day, Mia joins her roommates for a night out on the town with them. Her car is towed, so Mia walks home. Along the way, she stumbles upon a restaurant where Sebastian plays is piano. The manager fires him for playing jazz instead of Christmas songs. Mia tries to tell him how amazing his playing is, but Sebastian storms past her.

Sometime later, Mia again runs into Sebastian at a party where he’s playing in an 80s cover band. This time, Sebastian actually talks to Mia, albeit reluctantly at first, and eventually invites her to go see Rebel Without a Cause.

Mia shows up late to the date because of prior commitments with her boyfriend, and the two end up dancing the night away at the Griffith Observatory. They fall in love, and move in together.

The relationship becomes strained when Sebastian joins his friend’s band. He tours cross country for months on end, and talks little to Mia during this time. This is not what he wanted for his life, and Mia confronts him about it. She says he’s sacrificing his life goals for a band he doesn’t like.

Meanwhile, Mia works on her one-woman play, and on opening night, hardly anyone shows up. The performance is a disaster, and to make things worse, Sebastian doesn’t show up. He instead attends a photo shoot for his band.

Crushed, Mia dumps Sebastian, and moves back to Boulder City, Nevada, but all is not lost. A casting director, who was in the audience of Mia’s play, calls Sebastian. She is looking for Mia, and wants her to audition for a part. Sebastian drives to Boulder City to get her, and bring her back in time to make the audition.

Before Mia hears back from the casting director, Sebastian tells her she must devote everything to becoming a success. They decide they will always love each other no matter what happens.

Mia gets the part, and moves to Paris. The two lovebirds drift apart. Mia becomes famous, marries another man, and has a little girl. Sebastian gets the night club he always wanted, but apparently doesn’t have a new girlfriend to call his own.

One night, Mia and her husband stumble across Sebastian’s club where he spots her. He plays one final song for her while he dreams the movie’s final dance sequence. The song ends with Mia and her husband leaving the club. Mia and Sebastian share one final smile as the film closes.


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  • Eddie

    Great podcast, was really looking forward to it. Glad Lori and Molly joined. Maybe molly can make a future appearance on mhm memories(and help defend Chaplin:)
    A couple thoughts: while I enjoyed this and whiplash, I hope chazelle tries something a bit different thematically next time(both movies are about what one needs to sacrifice for their art etc)
    As far as the ending goes, chazelle is on record as saying the musical that most influenced him was umbrellas of Cherbourg and if you’ve seen that, there is no other way this movie could have ended, even if it seemed a little implausible.
    I know a lot of people who don’t like musicals, who’ve barely seen any musicals, yet love this film. That is a very impressive feat for the filmmakers, especially since this was not based on a Broadway play or anything. Can’t remember the last original musical to be this big a hit. And lastly, this is pretty much a lock to win best picture, director and actress. If chazelle wins, he will be the youngest winner(32) to ever win best director(!)

    • moviehousechris

      You are probably right for best picture. I’d still rather ‘Hell or High Water’ though.

      I haven’t heard of ‘The Umbrellas of Cherbourg’ but if its an ending similar to La La Land, then I’d probably skip that one myself.

      Damien Chazelle’s next film looks to be ‘First Man’ a biography about Neil Armstrong, so it looks like he maybe starting to branch out to other genres.