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Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Episode #28

Columbia Pictures Corporation released Lawrence of Arabia to theaters on December 11, 1962. David Lean directs the film which stars Peter O’Toole, Alec Guinness, and Anthony Quinn.

Lawrence of Arabia Movie Summary

Our film begins in 1935. We see, what appears to be a young T. E. Lawrence, played by Peter O’Toole, working on a motorcycle before taking a ride in the English countryside. Lawrence speeds along the road before having to suddenly swerve to avoid heading some bicyclists. Lawrence careens off the road and is killed. The scene changes to his memorial service where a reporter tries to gain insights into Colonel Lawrence from the attendees, but other than some political platitudes, no one comments substantially about the man who was “Lawrence of Arabia.”

The film then flashes back to the First World War. Now, we see an even younger Lawrence who is a British Army lieutenant stationed in Cairo. Lawrence does not get along, nor agree with, his commanding officers. Despite that, he is handpicked for an assignment by a Mr. Dryden of the Arab Bureau, due largely to his intelligence and outspokenness. Over the objections of General Murray, he is sent to assess the prospects of British ally Prince Faisal in his revolt against the Turks.

Lawrence begins his journey with a guide who will take him to see Prince Faisal. Along the way, we are shown how Lawrence has great affection for the desert and its unusual beauty. When the two men stop for water at a well, Lawrence’s guide is killed by Sherif Ali for drinking from his well without permission. Lawrence takes an instant dislike to Ali, unaware of the future that will tie these two men together.

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Columbia Pictures Corporation released Lawrence of Arabia to theaters on December 11, 1962. David Lean directs the film which stars Peter O'Toole, Alec Guinness, and Anthony Quinn.

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