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Mannequin (1987) Strikes A Pose On Blu-ray

Olive Films has announced that they will release the 1987 romantic comedy Mannequin onto Blu-ray. The film was directed by Michael Gottlieb and starred Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall, Estelle Getty, James Spaderand G.W. Bailey. Mannequin will be available for purchase online and in stores beginning on September 22nd.

Film Summary

Burgeoning artist Jonathan Switcher (McCarthy) is reunited with the love of his life (well, his artistic life anyway) when he discovers the beautifully crafted mannequin he created years earlier is now prominently displayed in the window of the Prince & Company department store. Much to his surprise, and to the delight of the viewer, Jonathan will discover that his art project has more than superficial human traits when it quite literally springs to life in the form of “Emmy” (Catrall).

Mannequin was released February 13, 1987 and went onto gross over $42 million at the box office. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song (“Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”).

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