The Missing Hand (2016)

The Missing Hand is about an unlikely duo who must decide what to do with a severed hand they find on a plot of land they intend to build on. Daniel Harding wrote and directed the film which stars Meryl Griffiths, Neil James, Joseph Emms, and Radley Mason.

Release Date: April 19, 2016
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The Missing Hand Film Summary

Daniel started working on The Missing Hand in late 2015, whilst in post-production with Killer Bird. The idea had been around for a number years, but never developed into anything more until Daniel started looking for a shorter project to produce. Similar to Cupid, a script was developed relatively quickly, and only a few changes were made prior to filming.

The main focus during pre-production was making sure a believable and life-like severed hand was made, as without it, The Missing Hand project would never have materialized. Emma was able to produce a realistic prosthetic of Daniel’s hand and casting was able to begin.

Casting was relatively simple in comparison to previous projects. Neil James was the first to jump on board as Trevor, and soon after Meryl Griffiths was cast as Ms Whitman. Radley Mason was already on Daniel’s radar as a Brighton based actor, and Joseph Emms was close to being cast in Killer Bird, and was happy to complete the line-up.

After an initial attempt to film the project was postponed due to bad weather, filming was rescheduled and was completed in October. The Missing Hand was filmed in Essex in a single day. Post-production took three months to complete and picture and sound lock was finished in February 2016. Jack Blume was then commissioned to compose an original piece of music, which was finalized in April.

The Missing Hand Short Film

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