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MONOCHROME: A Dystopian, Action/Adventure

MONOCHROME is a dystopian world where outcast people known as “Hues” are traded and sold like currency, before being hunted down once they turn color in a black and white world. The film is directed by Kodi Zene, and the trailer features the voice work of  D.C. Douglas and stars Ryan Gibbs. Please visit their site and support an independent film.

Release Date: TBA
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Life as we’ve known it has only been black & white; until one man’s tragedy triggers a chain reaction that introduces “color” into the world. Those that turn color are labeled “hues” and are outcast from society. Led by only a voice on his radio, Isaac flees west in search of the answers. He is the first, he will not be the last.

MONOCHROME Official Trailer

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