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Mr. Moto Collection, Vol. 1 is Available on Blu-Ray

Mr. Moto Collection, Vol. 1

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20th Century Fox Home Entertainment released Volume One of the Mr. Moto Collection starring Peter Lorre to DVD on August 1, 2006.

‘Think Fast, Mr. Moto’ (1937) Movie Synopsis

Mr. Moto encounters mysterious happenings on a ship bound for Shanghai. His steward, who murdered a man in San Francisco, tries to steal an important letter from the stateroom of another passenger, Robert Hitchings. He is the son of the owner of the shipping line, and he falls in love with the mysterious Gloria, who refuses to tell him anything about her life. Once in Shanghai, she disappears. Mr. Moto must now uncover the secret which links the murder in San Francisco, to the letter, and Gloria.

‘Thank You, Mr. Moto’ (1937) Movie Synopsis

Mr. Moto finds himself in Peiping seeking ancient scrolls when placed together form a map to the location of Genghis Khan’s long-hidden treasure. There are a total of seven scrolls and Moto himself has one that he acquired while in Mongolia. The remaining six scrolls are in the possession of Madame Chung and her son, Prince Chung who very much want to protect the honor of their ancestors. With Moto’s help, they try to keep thieves from getting their hands on the map.

‘Mr. Moto Takes A Chance’ (1938) Movie Synopsis

Mr. Moto poses as both an innocuous archaeologist and aged Buddhist mystic in French-ruled Cambodia in order to foil two anti-government revolutionary plots; a fanatical holy man wants to overthrow a local leader and that leader who wants to lead an insurgency against French colonial rule.

‘Mysterious Mr. Moto’ (1938) Movie Synopsis

Mr. Moto has himself imprisoned on Devil’s Island in order to help his cellmate escape and catch a gang of international killers with their pants down.

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