Pistol Shrimps’ The Saga: Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau

The Saga: Star Wars with Tommy WiseauPistol Shrimps made an epic 20 minute parody about Tommy Wiseau in Star Wars. After the first Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau video they still had some ideas for a second one. The project started growing, and they kept adding more and more scenes. The video grew from being just random scenes put together, like the first one, to a longer video with a narrative.

This has been a project they’ve been working on whenever there was time, and the video got shaped bit by bit. It’s been over two years since they started this project, and used scenes from seven Star Wars movies from Episode 2 to Episode 8.

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Pistol Shrimps is a sketch comedy duo known for movie parodies and other viral videos like Titanic Super 3D, Trolling Saruman, Boyz n the Ring, and Gandalf Goes to the World Cup.

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