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Pretty in Pink (1986)

Episode #4

Paramount Pictures released Pretty in Pink on February 28, 1986. Howard Deutch directed the film which starred Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer, Harry Dean Stanton.

‘Pretty in Pink’ Movie Synopsis

Pretty 80’s icon, Molly Ringwald, plays Andie Walsh. She is intelligent, and has a lot going for her except for her address and her home life. Andie’s Mother deserted her family a couple of years before. Probably because she realized she was married to Jack, a dirty Repo Man played Harry Dean Stanton. Jack is in a constant state of depression and is unable to hold a job. But so that his character is not without any redeeming qualities, he is still a loving Father and confidante to Andie.

There is a large divide at Andie’s school. No, not between the gingers and the normal people as you might think, but between the haves and the have-nots. The two groups are not integrated and do not get along, with the have-nots relegated to the school courtyard, while the haves are free to prance around the air-conditioned school hallways.

Andie catches the eye of Blane with her “soccer-mom-in-her-thirties” dress style. Blane, played by Andrew McCarthy, comes from the wealthy clique, but still drives a crappy car. Andie is hesitant to start a relationship with Blane because she lives on the wrong side of the tracks. Literally. They even show the tracks. Oh, and she likes to wear pink and apparently she looks pretty in it. The metaphors in this film are not just metaphors, they literally define the characters.

Andie has no shortage of friends. She has a loyal pal and ardent admirer in Duckie, played by Jon Cryer pre Alan Harper. Additionally, Andie works at a record store. For the benefit of our younger listeners, like young Matthew, a record store was what iTunes used to be in the old days, except it was an actual building and smelled like incense. Andie’s boss at the record store is Iona, played by Annie Potts. Iona is eccentric and likes to assault and degrade her customers. Much like employees at Denny’s do …

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Paramount Pictures released Pretty in Pink on February 28, 1986. Howard Deutch directed the film which starred Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer, Harry Dean Stanton.

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  1. How old is Matt? It is funny his disdain for 80s pop music. I was born in 76 so consider myself an 80s girl and lived for 80s pop music. I love that back than there really wasn’t a big divide with black and white artists. I felt 80s music was so racially blended back then, in the 90s the divide started-IMO

    1. I don’t know his exact age, but he was born in the 80s around 10 years before you. He’s the youngest of our group, and may like 90s music more, but I don’t want to speak for him on that.

    2. Hi Lei,

      I was born in 1982. I think it’s more a product of my disdain for pop music generally. I still listen to some heavy metal and other stuff from the 80’s. Never much of a pop music guy though.

      Thanks for listening and commenting!

      1. Totally understandable. And having not everyone agree on the music, actors/actresses, etc. is what makes for an entertaining podcast. Keep up the good work guys.

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