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Rad-Theatrical-PosterRad is a film about BMX racing, first released in the United States in 1986.  The film was written by Sam Bernard and Geoffrey Edwards and directed by Hal Needham.  It stars Bill Allen and Lori Loughlin.  Parts of this movie were filmed in Cochrane in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, Colonel Macleod Jr. High School, and at Bowness Park, both in Calgary, Alberta.

The film received negative reviews during its release.  The New York Times stated “Teen-age ears may not split from the music or ache from the dialogue, but anybody over 20, beware: ‘You’re willing to sacrifice a solid future for a bicycle race,’ says the hero’s mother. ‘It’s very self-destructive.’ If only he had listened to mom – but who can blame him for preferring his bicycle?”

The film was only released on pan-and-scan VHS and LaserDisc in 1986, where the film quickly found a following and became a top-ten video rental for two years after the film’s release.

The soundtrack to the film is a highly sought collectible.  The soundtrack was released on 12″ vinyl and cassette, by Curb Records in late 1986, and featured various artists including John Farnham, 3 Speed, Sparks, Hubert Kah and Real Life.

Here is the original theatrical trailer for Rad.

Courtesy of Chris Filmtrivia

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