Running Scared (1986) – Theatrical Trailer

Trivia Source: IMDB

Running-Scared-Theatrical-PosterThe original script for Running Scared was written for Gene Hackman and Paul Newman before Peter Hyams decided to make the Hughes and Costanzo characters younger.   Tom Selleck and John Travolta were also offered the roles of Hughes and Costanzo.  Selleck turned it down due to commitments to Magnum, P.I. while Travolta’s, at the time agent, Michael Ovitz, felt that the project was wrong for him.

On the television series, The Directors, Hyams stated that when MGM offered him the project following the success of 2010, the script focused on two old New York City cops who want to retire. Hyams suggested his idea of two young Chicago cops who don’t retire and MGM agreed.

A sequel titled Still Running was planned and different scripts were written.  But Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines did not think any of them were strong to warrant a sequel and turned them all down.

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