Scammerhead (2014)

Scammerhead (2014) Movie PosterScammerhead is the strange and epic tale of legendary hustler Silas Breece and his Empire of Scam. The film is directed by Dan Zukovic, and stars Dan Zukovic, Alex Rocco, Chris Humphreys, Bruce Glover, Johannah Newmarch, Duane Whitaker, Shannon Wilcox, Alex Zahara, C. Ernst Harth.

Release Date: April 3, 2015
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Scammerhead Film Summary

Silas Breece, an unorthodox businessman and legendary hustler, travels the world seeking funds from eccentric investors, mobsters and shady government officials for his increasingly elaborate ‘projects’. When his plans begin to derail due to unforeseen circumstances, the scammer finds himself on the underworld’s most wanted list. Down but not quite out, he decides his only hope is to ramp it up even further with his most outlandish project yet.

“SCAMMERHEAD” had it’s World Premiere in the Main Competition at the 2014 Montreal World Film Festival, and was nominated for the Prix des Ameriques. It recently won “Best Narrative Feature” at the Berkeley Film Festival, as well as the Trenton Film Festival, and the “Visionary Award” at the Lake Champlain Int’l Film Festival, and Dan Zukovic was nominated for Best Performance at the Orlando Film Festival. It continues on the festival circuit, and will be appearing on DVD and VOD outlets.

A Global Film Noir with dark comic elements, “SCAMMERHEAD” was shot for over 7 years in numerous international locations, including New York, Chicago, London, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Dallas, Atlanta, Washington DC, Memphis, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cleveland, Paris, Berlin, Rome, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Havana, Tokyo, Mexico City, Elba Island and Alcatraz Island.

It features one of the final performances of legendary Hollywood character actor Alex Rocco (“The Godfather”, “The Friends Of Eddie Coyle”), as well as performances by other Hollywood character greats Bruce Glover (“Chinatown”, “Diamonds Are Forever”), and Duane Whitaker (“Pulp Fiction”).

“SCAMMERHEAD” was written and directed by Cult indie film director Dan Zukovic (“The Last Big Thing”), and produced by Jeremy Dyson, Brendan Keown and Mitch Mayer (“Dark Arc”).

Scammerhead Official Trailer

Scammerhead Gallery

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