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Scarface (1932)

Episode #16

United Artists released Scarface to theaters on April 9, 1932. Howard Hawks and Richard Rosson co-directed the film which starred Paul Muni, Ann Dvorak, and Karen Morley.

‘Scarface’ Movie Summary

Tony Camonte is an Italian immigrant in 1920’s Chicago, working for mafioso Johnny Lovo. Johnny orders Tony to kill Louis Costillo, the city’s boss on the south side of town. This allows Johnny to take control of the area with Tony as his right-hand man.

Tony has free reign as Johnny’s second in command, but Johnny warns Tony not to mess with the north side of town which Irish gangs control. However, Tony doesn’t heed the warnings. He starts leaning on bars belonging to the gangster O’Hara. This causes him to run afoul of the thugs there, and it sparks the interest of the police too.

Johnny knows Tony’s ambitious, and might try to take him over too, but for now, he still feels he’s in control. At the same time, Tony begins to set his sites on Johnny’s girlfriend, Poppy. She only pays attention to him as his reputation grows in the city.

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United Artists released Scarface to theaters on April 9, 1932. Howard Hawks and Richard Rosson co-directed the film which starred Paul Muni, Ann Dvorak, and Karen Morley.

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    1. Both are great films. I saw the 1983 version first, but I think Paul Muni is a better actor, and plays Tony better (not to take anything away from Al Pacino who still does an awesome job). Also, stylistically, the 1932 version is just aesthetically more pleasing to me, so 1932’s version is a little better to me overall.

      1. Are any DePalma films in your top 100? No reviews on this site, I thought Carrie or Scarface would be a good LTMR. And mission to mars would be a good #2 review.

        1. I don’t think any would be a top 100, but Wise Guys, The Untouchables, Scarface, Carrie, or Body Double would be good LTMR episodes.

          I forgot all about Mission to Mars. That will definitely be a #2 Review this year now. Thanks for that suggestion.

          1. I was lucky enough to see it on the big screen recently with Nancy Allen in attendance. Yeah it holds up. Looking forward to the San Francisco podcast, I love disaster movies. the Rains Came is another good one from the 30s.

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