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Sixteen Candles
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Sixteen Candles (1984)

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It’s teenager Samantha “Sam” Baker’s birthday, but it comes the day after her sister’s wedding and everyone including her grandparents forget all about it.  Ted, is a geek who is really into Sam, but guess what, she isn’t into him. She loves the dreamy Jake Ryan who just discovered she likes him, but Jake has a girlfriend named Carolyn. He has tired of Carolyn’s attitude and kind of likes Sam too, but she doesn’t know it, yet.

Sam is nice enough to lend Ted her panties. Jake is nice enough to save Ted’s life as he gets trapped under a glass table at Jake’s house party, and Ted is nice enough to talk about Samantha with Jake. These are some very nice people.

Jake now needs to ditch Carolyn and lets Ted take her home in his dad’s Rolls Royce. Jake agrees to let Ted take Carolyn, who is passed out, home in his dad’s Rolls Royce if Ted gives him Sam’s panties. This excites Ted and he does. Jake goes looking for Sam and finds her (along with Ted and Carolyn) at the church after Sam’s sister’s wedding. Jake takes Sam back to his place and gives her a birthday cake and her panties.

Did I mention the creepy asian guy? This movie has one of those too.

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  • Funny / horrifying story about me and Sixteen Candles. I work for a technical writing / marketing writing company. I had to track down pictures of “successful men” on istock photo. I found a few and emailed them to our graphics guy with the following statement, “Will any of these oily bohunks work?” Imagine my abject HORROR to find out that oily bohunk is a pejorative term for eastern Europeans. Damn you 16 Candles. Damn you.

    • Heather,

      There is nothing more horrifying than an insulted Slav. Consider yourself lucky; far less triggered World War I.

      I am also shocked that John Hughes would resort to such a racially insensitive comment.

      Thanks for listening.