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Some Kind Of Hero (1982) Steals A Blu-ray Release

Olive Films has announced that they will release the 1982 crime dramedy Some Kind of Hero onto Blu-ray. The film was directed by Michael Pressman and starred Richard Pryor, Margot Kidder, Ray Sharkey, and Ronny Cox. Some Kind of Hero will be available for purchase online and in stores beginning on September 22nd.

Comedian Richard Pryor once again proves his agility as an actor in Some Kind of Hero as Eddie Keller, a Viet Nam P.O.W. who returns home to a world he no longer recognizes. His wife has moved onto a new man; there’s a daughter he didn’t know he had; his mother confined to a nursing home with bills mounting and no work prospects, Eddie hatches a plot to get-cash-quick. But there are unexpected consequences when the local mob gets involved. The supporting cast includes Margot Kidder as a hooker with a heart of gold; Ray Sharkey as Eddie’s P.O.W. cellmate; Ronny Cox as a sympathetic colonel; and Lynne Moody as Eddie’s confused wife.

Some Kind of Hero was released April 2, 1982 and went onto gross over $23 million at the box office.

Olive Films has not released any information concerning any special features or technical specifications.

Here is the theatrical trailer for Some Kind of Hero, courtesy of Tray Davenport.


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