The Naked Truth: The Fall and Rise of Dona Speir (2019)


The Naked Truth: The Fall and Rise of Dona SpeirDona Speir’s new memoir, Naked Truth: The Fall and Rise of Dona Speir takes you from the depths of child abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, being preyed upon by powerful men like Bill Cosby, to the rarified world of international modeling and global jet-setting, being a Playboy Centerfold photographed by the world-famous Arny Freytag to being the star of seven Andy Sidaris action adventure films. And that’s really just the beginning of her life journey toward recovery.

This study of her survival is a provocative, powerful blueprint of how to not just survive, but recover and thrive.

Dona is 32 years sober and CEO of Recovery Coaching Experts. She has mentored hundreds of women with substance abuse and behavioral issues, she has also founded women’s recovery homes, and her book can help others learn how to identify the traits of sexual predators and prevent your child from falling for their persuasive charms.

Dona’s experiences can help women understand and survive the social, physical and emotional aspects of substance abuse and lead a peaceful, complete, whole and safe family life. It’s a cautionary tale to be sure, but it’s also a triumphant one; filled with many uplifting, exciting stories of perseverance that are both timely and timeless.

“Dona Speir proves to be as revealing, engaging and entertaining — and, yes, as courageous — as she’s ever been on screen in the pages of her riveting autobiography.”

-Joe Leydon, Variety

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  1. Dona,
    This is Sue Speir. Would like to know if Chris forwarded my email to you regarding what happened to Scott according to the El Paso police?

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