The Secret Garden (2016)

The Secret Garden is a taut, psychological thriller that is a tribute to the classic spy movie and idealizes the world of spies for a new generation. The film is directed by AJ Cross; co-directed by Ahmed Manns, and stars AJ Cross, Kate Surinskaya, Vincent Leong, Brandon deSpain, Robert Ulaj, Oswald Gordon, Mel Gibbon and Jack Sochet.

Release Date: May 1, 2016
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The Secret Garden Film Summary

The Secret Garden is the latest in a spy anthology that stars AJ Cross as Peter Sebastian, a lone spy who must take down a reviled terrorist organization with an axe to grind . A thriller and psychological mind-bender, The Secret Garden is a film to top all spy films, taking Peter to the edge to fight terrorists who have nothing to lose and will stop at nothing to carry out their devious plans. Based on the story The Garden of Forking Paths, The Secret Garden is a triumph that sets off one spy against the greatest threat of all-a nuclear war. As terrorists get closer to the end game, Peter must face the threat alone and do everything to ensure humanity’s survival. Can Peter save the world or will the terrorists win out in the end? Nothing is for certain in a new movie that creates a new kind of secret agent since the advent of James Bond. Live the ultimate mission.

The Secret Garden Official Trailer

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