Today’s Trivia for June 21, 2019

Question #5

How many tons of popcorn was popped in 1985’s Real Genius for the scene that destroyed Professor Hathaway’s house?


Answer: 140 Tons

According to the UPROXX article Ashley Burns and Chloe Schildhause wrote titled, The Behind-The-Scenes Story Of ‘Real Genius’ “We had two elements. The interior, which we built on stage and that took about 40 tons of popcorn inside. Outside, waiting up in the wings, we had 100 tons of popcorn in 40 tractor trailers parked up the street. Then these huge vacuum machines would suck it out of the trucks, load it up into the house, and blow it out of the house. One take took 15 seconds. We had 15 good seconds on each shot of popcorn coming out and then you couldn’t go back, you had to keep going. Once you did the first take you could only progress because it took a whole day to clean up. To come back for take two of the same take you had to go away for a week then come back.”

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