Total Recall (1990) – Teaser Trailer

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Total-Recall-1990-Theatrical-PosterTotal Recall was novelized by Piers Anthony, although the film was adapted from a story by Philip K. Dick.  The novel and film correspond fairly well, although Anthony was evidently working from an earlier script than the one used for the film, and was criticized for the ending of his book which removed the ambiguity whether the events of Total Recall are real or a dream.  In addition, the novel had a subplot wherein the aliens planted a failsafe device within their Mars technology, so that if it were misused or destroyed, the local star would go nova and therefore prevent the species from entering the galactic community.  It coincided with a comment earlier in the novel that astronomers were noticing an abnormal number of recent supernovae, giving an indication that the aliens seeded their tech as part of a galactic experiment in technological maturity.  Instead of mentioning that he dreamt of her earlier in the film, Melina mentions she was once a model, explaining how Quaid could have seen her on the screen at Rekall.

Due to the success of the movie, a sequel was written with the script title Total Recall 2, and with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character still Douglas Quaid, now working as a reformed law enforcer.  The sequel was based on another Philip K. Dick short story, “The Minority Report,” which hypothesizes about a future where a crime can be solved before it’s committed—in the movie, the clairvoyants would be Martian mutants.  The sequel was not filmed, but the script survived and it was changed drastically and contained greater elements from the original short story.  The story was eventually adapted as a science fiction thriller as Minority Report by Steven Spielberg and opened in 2002 to box-office success and critical acclaim.

Here is the original teaser trailer for Total Recall (1990).

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