Town vs. Gown (2016)

Town vs. Gown (2016)Town vs. Gown is about an Army veteran who still carriess the psychological wounds of war, and he gets a chance to prove who he is in the ring. There, he finds that as well as battling his own demons, he has to fight against a system of privilege and entitlement which makes the fight anything but fair. Mark Hampton wrote and directed the film which stars Mark Hampton, Richard Heffer, and Gary Davidson.

Release Date: August 10, 2016
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Town vs. Gown Film Summary

Staff Sargent Danny Payne recovers from injuries sustained in battle. Whilst his physical wounds have healed, events in the theater of war still haunt him. Lights, noises and even words trigger flashbacks from the battlefield. When his symptoms strike during an Army boxing match, Payne retires from boxing and active duty.

Since his injury, Danny writes as an emotional release, and his raw prose earns him a place at the prestigious University of Cambridge. With no future in the Army he decides to go for it. At the University Danny joins the Boxing Club, where he meets Heston; a wealthy, well‐connected student with plenty of ambition, and Lena; a smart and generous grad student in psychology who researching why people fight.

Still haunted by flashbacks, Danny sees Lena as an opportunity to get help, but to get it, he must compete in the annual Town vs Gown contest. In the tournament, the well‐funded University team (Gown) goes up against the local club (Town) in a series of three‐round bouts. At the same time, Danny must put his trust in Lena, who has access to a radical treatment. She is the one person who can help him to enter the bright lights of the ring without crumbling. Lena puts Danny on a treatment program,  and he makes progress. Unfortunately, joining the TvG squad puts Danny on a collision course with Heston, and he has Danny thrown out of school.

On the street with no prospects for a future career, Danny turns to the Town. In the dusty old club with few resources, Danny meets Frank; a weathered coach who not only trains the local boys, he teaches them respect and courage. Initially skeptical of Danny, the boxers gain respect for him as he starts to pull them into a squad that might have a chance against the college boys. Meanwhile, with only one treatment session remaining, Lena can no longer help Danny as he is outside of the University, but he pleads with her to come and watch the fight.

At the Town vs Gown event, Danny faces Heston in the final bout with the scorecard all tied up. Heston, aware of Danny’s PTSD, uses his triggers against him in the ring. All seems lost as Danny takes a beating. Only the bell in the second round can save him. Lena, seeing Danny in trouble, comes to the ringside, and brings him back from the brink just in time for Danny to take on Heston in the final round. Back on his feet, and with Heston’s cheating tactics extinguished, its time for Danny to do what he does best.


Town vs. Gown Official Trailer

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