Walk Away

It was bright and clear, clam enough 

for a morning walk.

The trees shaded the streets,

stretching out into the cloudless sky.

Birds chirped in the distance,

calling out from above.

The tired mother bird

cautiously guarded her nest

as the father scavenged
searched for a tiny morsel.

I pushed my stroller down the path,

with a slight breeze picking up behind me;

I began a slow, steady jog.

The black, rubber tires squeaked,

as they picked up speed, but the noise

could have been anything.

My little girl, giggling along the trail,

staring bright eyed at the blue sky,

or the soft horn of the clanking train

off in the faint mirage

of water ripples.

How to catch the desert oasis?

I picked up the pace with steady determination,

the birds singing on the crisp spring day.

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