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The War Wagon (1967)

Episode #8

Universal Pictures released The War Wagon to theaters on May 27, 1967; grossing $6 million worldwide. Burt Kennedy directed the western based on Clair Huffaker‘s screenplay.

John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, and Howard Keel starred in the film.

The War Wagon Movie Summary

In the latter half of the 1800’s, Rancher Taw Jackson, played by John Wayne, is returning to his hometown after being in prison for three years. Frank Pierce, a corrupt businessman, framed Taw in order to buy all of Taw’s land on the cheap during Taw’s imprisonment. Pierce wanted the land because he correctly assumed that there was gold “in them thar hills.” While Taw was busy breaking rocks in prison, Pierce became filthy rich.

Now, Taw wants some payback. He developed a plan to steal a large shipment of gold from Pierce’s War Wagon; a heavily armored stagecoach which transports the businessman’s gold, and that a small army of gunmen protect. Taw hires an Indian, an alcoholic explosives expert, an old crotchety farmer and his substantially younger wife, and a gunfighter by the name of Lomax as his accomplices.

Lomax and Taw have a history. Lomax has previously worked as a hired gun for Pierce and was instrumental in sending Taw to prison. However, Taw is willing to let bygones be bygones for the sake of the money, and his need for Lomax’s ability to crack a safe. However, Pierce wants Lomax to kill Taw, and is willing to pay him handsomely for the gunman’s lethal skills.

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Universal Pictures released The War Wagon to theaters on May 27, 1967. Burt Kennedy directed the western starring John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, and Howard Keel.

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