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Westworld One of Four Worlds?
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Westworld One of Four Worlds?

For Westworld’s season finale, we saw Maeve and crew enter into a newly revealed area of the park labeled SW, followed by Samurai Warrior hosts practicing their skills. Many have assumed/hoped that there would be other worlds in the Westworld series like the original movie, but when SlashFilm asked Jonathan Nolan about it, he replied, “You said Roman World and Medieval World, right? No!”

So, no Roman World and Medieval World, but clearly there are others based on Episode 10, The Bicameral Mind. If they are going forward with a Samurai World, I hope it will influence West World like the Akira Kurosawa‘s Samurai films that influenced Spaghetti Westerns. The terrain of West World could easily pass for medieval/early-modern Japan with Japanese architecture on it. Watch the movie Yojimbo. It’s the same as a western set in Japan.

But I digress. This article is about speculating that West World is one of four parks. So, what if SW doesn’t stand for Samurai World, but something else? They actually didn’t give a name to the area ‘SW’ in the show’s season finale. Felix merely explained it away as, “It’s complicated,” and we all know we have been deceived throughout the season.

Volkswagen Instead, what if it’s more simple than that. What if Delos divided the park into four worlds: North World, South World, East World, and West World, and then gave each one of those areas its own theme? It’s just as plausible from what we have been told thus far with the big SW logo on the wall. I mean, does this logo mean there could be a Viking World out there somewhere? That would actually be a place I’d visit!

What worlds would you like to see next season on West World?

  • Chad M. Moon

    The Samurai scene got my mind spinning.
    I pictured another level of Delos that incorporated Samurai warriors, similar to Seven Samurai, in a farmland/village setting. Along those same lines, I considered the other fantasy “worlds” that are part of Delos, in the Westworld universe. Here’s what I came up with:

    East(ern) World – where the East Asian cultures, including the Samurai, could be explored.

    Outback World – where the tourists go walkabout in an Australian Outback setting.

    Jungle World – where the hosts are treated to adventures in the Amazon Rainforest.

    Safari World – where the visitors try to survive an African style safari.

    If I even get the hint of a Waterworld, I’m out of here. I’ve already experienced that Kevin Costner disaster. Once!

    • moviehousechris

      I’m curious to see if they will have a Future World.

      • Greta Greengate

        Now that’s a podcast I would download Waterworld, Australian Shane should do with the boys for number2review but as for Westworld any of those worlds would be outstanding although it is smart by branching out first with east world with similarities to westerns

        • moviehousechris

          Hi Greta, I think it would be great if Samurai World was created first and influenced West World like the Akira Kurosawa films that came before and influenced Spaghetti Westerns.

        • Chad M. Moon


          Waterword would indeed be a great film to review on a podcast. It was considered a distaster, both economically and critically, while having some legendary behind the scenes stories. For me, the more we can dig into and talk about, the more fun the podcasts are. I’ve only watched Waterworld one time, but would be happy to see it again to break it down.

          I think Chris and I are on the same page. A Samurai World that has an old west feel to it would be great for the Westworld TV show. When watching Kurosawa’s Samurai films, I always felt like I was watching Sunday afternoon American westerns from my youth. Plus, they wouldn’t have to change their shooting locations to get this similar feel to it. The other worlds mentioned in my earlier post were also based on the shooting location. I can see them adapting this desert terrain into a lot of similar worlds.