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Westworld’s Charlotte Hale is Arnold Weber’s Daughter?

With Episode 9: The Well-Tempered Clavier, we learn Bernard is a clone of Arnold. The cornerstone of Bernard’s programming is the death of his son. The memory was given to him as an “homage of sorts” as Dr. Ford calls it. This makes me believe that the actual Arnold had a child (or children) too, and his son died from the same ailment as Bernard’s, but what if Arnold had a daughter too, and she is all grown up and she blames Ford for her father’s death? Would she want revenge for her father’s untimely departing?

Enter Charlotte Hale.

Of course she has a different last name than Arnold Weber, but then many things can happen over the course of thirty years, and parents can remarry. A name change is possible if her new father adopted her, and she took his name.

What I do find interesting about Charlotte’s character is that she seems to be very high up in Delos’s management at a young age, and she really has it in for Ford. How did she rise to the top so quickly? Does her education make her perfect for her job? Is she just ruthless, and rose to the top quickly because of it, or is she family with a guaranteed position on the board…and an axe to grind? Does she then have more influence on Delos than the other board members, and is she acting on behalf of the board, or is she the one leading the board to remove Ford?

Even though Charlotte is a very controlled and calculating person (similar to Arnold/Bernard but without his compassion), would her temperament be enough to keep her from having an emotional reaction to the sight of Bernard, or has Ford made so many little changes in Bernard that he no longer acts like Arnold? Does she resent these changes in Bernard’s personality that keeps him from acting just like her father?

Would Charlotte’s knowledge of Theresa Cullen‘s affair with Bernard be part of why she doesn’t like Theresa? Maybe Charlotte just doesn’t like hosts, but then maybe she has a bit of a grudge against Theresa because the thought of someone who looks like her father is having an affair with someone not her mother.

As with everything in this show, there is a lot of ambiguity in what we are shown, so only time will tell with this theory, but let us know what you think in the comments below.

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