August 2, 2020

    The Man with One Red Shoe (1985)

    20th Century Fox Home Entertainment released The Man with One Red Shoe to DVD on September 7, 2004. Stan Dragoti…
    April 17, 2020

    The Third Man (1949)

    Blithering Idiot, an out-of-work pulp novelist, arrives in post-WWII Vienna to live with old friend and degenerate, Harry.
    April 7, 2020

    The Golden Moment: An Olympic Love Story (1980)

    I remember this two-part NBC miniseries running when the 1980 Moscow Olympics were boycotted by the United States.
    March 13, 2020

    The Way You Look Tonight (2019)

    I couldn't find this at any stores in my area. Now I know why. I was duped into searching for…
    March 13, 2020

    Ghostbusters II (1989)

    Ghostbusters was a FANTASTIC, funny, original high-concept film that caught the world by storm and deserves to be remembered for…
      January 10, 2020

      Garbo Talks (1984)

      Garbo Talks is a movie I remember appreciating when I saw it in 1985 on HBO.
      November 21, 2019

      The Dread Pirate Roberts: Greatest Legend of the Seven Seas (2006)

      This is one of the most clever documentaries about the origins of the Dread Pirate Roberts' mystic as one will…
      August 21, 2019

      My Dinner with Andre (1981)

      New Yorker Films released My Dinner with Andre to theaters on October 11, 1981.
      August 19, 2019

      Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)

      Warner Bros. released Mystery of the Wax Museum, a pre-Code mystery/horror film, to theaters on February 18, 1933.


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