Male Bonding

Moonraker (1979)

Episode #12

United Artists released Moonraker on June 29, 1979. Lewis Gilbert directed by: Lewis Gilbert the film which starred Roger Moore, Lois Chiles, and Michael Lonsdale.

Moonraker Movie Summary

An American space shuttle called Moonraker is hijacked midflight. James Bond is sent to investigate. He begins by visiting the shuttle’s manufacturer, Drax Industries and survives an assassination attempt by Jaws aboard a charter plane. At Drax Industries, Bond meets owner, Hugo Drax. Drax greets Bond in the customary manner, by ordering his henchman to kill him. Bond survives another attempt on his life and makes nice with Drax’ scientist, Holly Goodhead.

Next, Bond flies to Venice to look into a glass manufacturer who might be in on the plot. He finds them making a nerve gas that is deadly to humans and harmless to animals. Bond finds evidence that Drax is moving his operation to Rio de Janeiro. He gets himself there for some carnival and some Goodhead. He meets Goodhead in Rio, and the two of them join forces.

They survive another assassination attempt from Jaws, and Bond finds Drax’ compound in a pyramid in the Amazon. Bond enters the pyramid where they . . . fail to assassinate him. Since he couldn’t kill him, instead Drax meets with Bond and tells him he stole the Moonraker and is launching a small city of beautiful people into space. After Drax fails to kill Bond, Bond and Goodhead stowaway on one of the shuttles. Once on board, they disable the ship’s radar jamming device, and the American military launches marines into space to fight an expensive laser battle in the vacuum.

Drax reveals his plan of killing all life on Earth with his nerve gas and repopulating it with his genetically perfect beautiful people. Bond manages to turn Jaws by convincing him Drax’ world would have no place for a Herman Munster lookalike with a set of stainless steel chompers. Jaws lets Bond escape, and Bond kills Drax in the chaos of the laser battle. Bond intercepts the launched nerve gas and reenters orbit with Goodhead.

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