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The Row (2018)The Row is a Sorority Thriller staring Lala Kent and Randy Couture.

The movie begins with a club scene showing beautiful college age girls partying, taking selfies, dancing seductively, etc. In the next scene, the seemingly over-protective father, Detective Cole drops off his freshman daughter, Riley, to her new college. It’s suggested that her mother is no longer alive.

Riley’s self-proclaimed promiscuous best friend Becs greets her, and after warnings of danger amongst college students and campuses, they say their goodbyes to the good detective. Detective Cole then runs into an old friend, who happens to be the House Mom of the infamous Phi Lambda Sorority.

The next scene is a major crime lab bust where Detective Cole finds himself and other officers in a knife hostage standoff. Detective Cole accidentally shoots a fellow officer while trying to save him from the knife carrying girlfriend of one of the drug bosses, landing him in suspensionville.

As Riley and Becs meander around campus, Becs convinces Riley to Rush with her. Specifically, they want to pledge Phi Lambda, and more importantly, because Zeta member cool boy Carter, happens to like Phi Lambda girls.

Riley and Becs attend a rush intro party where Riley steps outside to get a breath of fresh air, and she meets the Valet guy named Miller, who claims his sister was a Phi Lambda. Meanwhile, Becs triumphantly gets them an invite to the Zeta rush pool party the next day.

At the Zeta party, Riley meets the chapter president and other members where she finds out that her mother was also a Phi Lambda. This comes as a shock to Riley, but she brushes it off.

During the end of the night, Carter’s fling with Isabella heads up to a rooftop apartment where a masked person, wearing a terrible red, stabs her to death. It is unknown whether the killer is a man or a woman because they are wearing unisex black skinny jeans and a zip-up hoody.

It’s Hazing time at the Phi Lamdba house for all the pledges, and they are forced into a game of hide and seek. Riley finds herself a good hiding spot under the bed, and discovers Isabella’s dead body, dressed as a doll with plastic mannequin arms sewn into the sockets where her arms were cut off.

Detective Cole and his team members show up. Riley finds out he has been hiding his suspension from her, and is angry that he hides many things from her. She decides to stay with her new sister friends, in the Sorority house…where they just found a dead body.

Detective Cole and his team members discover a secret app Greek life members use called Row. One cannot simply download it on the app store for either Apple or Android phones. It’s on the Dark Web, so it’s invite only for the app where they give you a special password. It was described as “some illuminati type shit.”

Riley and her friends take Molly and get white-girl wasted out of respect for the late Isabella. Valet Miller rescues Riley from the wake when he drives her home. When Carter finds himself a new girl to take home that same night, the Red Wigged Masked Killer. attacks her too. She is found the next day dressed as a doll as well, but this time, her legs are replaced with mannequin legs.

A very hungover Riley throws on a pair of Dark Web sunglasses only to learn that the House Mom knew her mother, and Riley sets out to learn more from her. The house mom refuses to give Riley any information other than telling her that her mother (Margo) was a “mean girl.”

Detective Cole reveals to Riley that Margo was involved in a Hazing incident that left a girl taking her own life over the humiliation. He also reveals to Riley that Margo died in a fire, which he believes she committed herself over the guilt.

Back at the station, the police learn that The Row app is impossible to hack, but with good detective work, the team finds the developer connecting him and Carter to the girls who use the app.

The House Mom then decides Riley deserves to know what happened in the hazing incident…back in the years when Margo was chapter president, Phi Lambda was nicknamed The Doll House. Pledges were forced to “drink until they dropped” and then placed like rag dolls in embarrassing positions around campus. It was said that hazing in the late 80’s/early 90’s made present day hazing “look like kindergarten.” Angie was a victim of this and was convinced the frat boys raped her. Margo and her house mates were unaware of her depression and medication at the time, but that was what led to her setting herself on fire in the middle of campus, naked.

Carter next hooks up with another sorority sister named Anna out, and slips out in the early hours of the morning before she awakes. Anna wakes and heads to the shower where the Red Wigged Masked Killer gets all Norman Bates on he naked ass. During the attack, her roommate comes home, so the killer takes her out too, but not before severely cutting the attacker’s forearm. A male grunt comes from the killer.

He stabs the girl, and leaves her for dead, but she was not a Phi Lambda pledge, so only Anna gets the now infamous doll makeup. This time, a mannequin torso is swapped out with her own.

The detective team hypothesizes that the killer is creating his own doll. However, they have yet to tie this clue to the old nickname of the Phi Lambda house “The Dollhouse.”

Becs is missing, but Detective Cole and Riley find she’s just busy being her promiscuous self as the reason for not answering her phone. (Phwef)

Detective Cole invites Riley to bring Miller over for late night dinner after his dinner with his bosses to release him from suspension. On the way to that dinner with his boss, Cole makes a remarkable connection that a valet attendant doesn’t need to break into Sorority girls homes if he can make copies of their keys.

We cut to Riley where she’s busy cooking dinner for Miller and her father, when she mentions to Miller that Detective Cole wont be home for a while. Miller’s arm has a bandage on it, and we know what’s up. Miller disappears, and then traps Riley in a room where she discovers the alleged mask with red wig attached. He reveals to her that he is Angie’s brother, and he’s come to take revenge on Riley and the other Sorority girls for his sister’s death.

The detective team, with the help of Det. Cole, links Miller to Angie, and finds his home and moving truck with tools to cut up bodies. They also his doll project almost complete; just missing a head.

Miller takes Riley to the Phi Lambda house at gun point, but Detective Cole and other armed officers stop him at the door. He now has Riley in the same hostage pose as Detective Cole found himself in at the beginning of the movie. Miller switches weapons from gun to knife in an attempt to cut Riley’s head off ,and complete his doll. He also reveals that he was the arsonist who killed Margo. Riley sacrifices her own palm to fight off Miller and his knife while Detective Cole aims and hits his target this time.

With everything tied in a neat bow, Riley and Becs pledge Phi Lambda to become the first freshman who live in the Phi Lambda house. The pledges and sisters now claim to be “the baddest bitches on ‘The Row.’”

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