• The Toxic Avenger (1984)

    The Toxic Avenger (1984)

    The Toxic Avenger, set in Tromaville, NJ, is about Melvin Ferd, a meek nerd, who works as a janitor at a health club. While he is of no threat to anyone, psychotic health club patrons: Bozo, Slug, Wanda, and Julie bully the kid because he doesn’t look pretty like them, and isn’t as smart as they are.

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  • The Black Hole (1979)

    The Black Hole (1979)

  • Die Hard (1988)

    Die Hard (1988)

  • Home Alone (1990)

    Home Alone (1990)

  • Stripes (1981)

    Stripes (1981)

  • Trainspotting (1996)

    Trainspotting (1996)

    Trainspotting is about the lives of five 20-something friends living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mark Renton, Sick Boy Williamson, Spud Murphy, and Tommy MacKenzie are all heroin addicts while their friend, Franco Begbie is a psychopath who is unable to come to terms with the fact he has homosexual urges.

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  • Turbo Kid (2015)

    Turbo Kid (2015)

  • Green Room (2015)

    Green Room (2016)

  • Ex Machina (2015)

    Ex Machina (2015)

  • Kung Fury (2015)

    Kung Fury (2015)