A View To A Kill (1985)

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When MI6 sends James Bond to investigate a security leak at the high-tech Zorin Industries, he discovers murder and deception. The company’s mysterious owner, Max Zorin, has devised a plan to corner the world microchip market—even if he has to kill millions to do it. Before Bond is able to stop Zorin, he must confront the madman’s beautiful and deadly companion named May Day. With help from the gorgeous Stacey, Bond races against the clock to launch an all-out assault on Zorin’s deadly scheme. In a climatic battle, the two men duel to the death on the upper spans of the Golden Gate Bridge.

‘A View to a Kill’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains spoilers.
A View to a Kill (1985)Bond discovers a microchip on a mission to Siberia. Investigating the chip leads him to the leader of Zorin Industries, Max Zorin. Bond tracks him down at a racetrack. Zorin’s horse wins the race in a suspicious manner. Later, Bond attends a horse sale at Zorin’s mansion in France.

At the sale, Bond sees Zorin making a suspicious payment for $5 million to Stacey Sutton, who is then whisked away from Bond after rebuffing his advances. Bond breaks into Zorin’s laboratory and learns that he’s doping his horses with a mysterious steroid that gives the horses an added boost late in the race.

Bond escapes, and Zorin is chided from his KGB masters for trying to kill Bond without their permission. Zorin heads to the bay area. He reveals his plan to a team of investors. He plots to destroy Silicon Valley and gain a monopoly in the production of microchips. Bond follows Zorin to the Bay, and he finds Pola Ivanova there trying to plant explosives on an oil rig owned by Zorin.

Bond tracks Sutton down, who is working as a geologist for the government. Together, they infiltrate one of Zorin’s dig sites. Zorin plans to destroy Silicon Valley by planting explosives under fault lines and submerging the area under water. Zorin floods the mines and kills all of his workers with machinegun fire. Meanwhile Bond and Sutton work to foil his plan. Upon seeing the carnage, Zorin’s henchbroad, May Day, works with Bond to remove the explosives.

Zorin escapes in a blimp with Bond in tow. Bond manages to anchor the blimp to the Golden Gate Bridge. Zorin alights, and the two fight to the death high on the bridge. Bond defeats Zorin and saves Sutton and the entire Bay Area with her.

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MGM/UA Entertainment Company released A View To A Kill to theaters on May 24, 1985. John Glen directed the film starring Roger Moore, Christopher Walken, and Tanya Roberts.

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