Bio-Dome (1996)

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When Squirrel and Stubs mistake an experimental research facility for a mall, they go inside hoping to find a bathroom. Instead the two find themselves sealed into the building for the next year with a small group of scientists. They clash with the lead scientist named Dr. Faulkner, and hilarity ensues.

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‘Bio-Dome’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains spoilers.
Bio-Dome (1996)In Jason Bloom‘s ‘Bio-Dome’, BFFs Bud “Squirrel” Macintosh and Doyle “Stubs” Johnson live together in Tucson, Arizona. The two boys weasel out of joining their environmentalist girlfriends at a trash-cleaning party in the desert.

Annoyed with the boys, the girls prank call them to let them know they’ll be joining some hot guys at a party down by the lake. The boys drive out to the lake, only to find the girls lied to them.

On the way back home, the boys pass the Bio-Dome where scientist Dr. Noah Faulkner and his team are about to seal themselves inside for a year. Stubs needs to drain his lizard, and they mistake the Bio-Dome for a mall. The boys go inside to use the bathroom, only to find themselves sealed inside along with the scientists. The project’s investor, Dr. Leaky, discovers them inside with the scientists, and he demands they leave. Dr. Faulkner refuses; claiming it would destroy the integrity of their experiment.

Bud and Doyle’s stupidity ruins many of the scientists’ experiments which leads them to complain to Dr. Faulkner. Finally, he expels the boys to the desert part of the complex when they find a secret cache of junk food, and get into the laughing gas. In the desert, the boys claim they are going to start their own Bio-Dome within the Bio-Dome, but after a few days of banishment and delirium, they find a way to escape the Bio-Dome. However, once outside, they find there’s tons of parking tickets and a boot on their car, so they can’t leave.

Alright people, stay with the group and remember here at the bio we’re dependent on keeping homos balanced within the system!Bud Macintosh

Instead, they order pizza. When their delivery driver, Russell (Monique’s mom’s boyfriend), arrives to the Bio-Dome, he tells the boys that Monique and Jen are attending a party with other men. The boys get jealous. To outdo that party, they decide to throw a party of their own inside the Bio-Dome to win back their babes.

The party destroys the Bio-Dome, and it ends up costing them their girlfriends. When the scientists begin to leave through the desert door, the boys convince them to stay and rebuild the Bio-Dome. They lock themselves back inside much to the chagrin of the Bio-Dome’s investor.

After a 90s montage, where the new team repairs the Bio-Dome completely, Dr. Faulkner reappears, but now he’s bat-shit-crazy. He’s been busy planning to blow up the whole complex using homemade coconut bombs.

Earth Day finally approaches, but the night before the experiment ends, and the doors are to be opened, the boys discover the whereabouts of Dr. Faulkner. They finding him rigging the coconut bombs to blow during the door opening ceremony.

Eventually, Dr. Faulkner leaves a sack of the coconuts with the boys to distribute around the Bio-Dome. Their attention span wanes, and they instead play catch with the coconuts in the desert, but Stubs misses one, and it explodes. Only then do they realize that the coconuts are bombs, and they will blow everything to kingdom come.

They alert the team, but the doors are hermetically sealed, and the authorities can’t get in. This leads to the boys tracking down Dr. Faulkner, and a end of movie 90s montage chase scene ensues. They get the detonator, and turn it off at the last second. The doors open up, and everyone’s safe.

The team goes back inside the main complex, and begin to exit through the main doors to leave, but Dr. Faulkner follows them with a coconut in his hand. He throws it at them, and it explodes in the entrance, but everyone’s a-okay.

Monique and Jen reunite with the boys, and all is right with the world. They drive off into the desert, but once again, Stubs needs to drain his lizard. They pit stop at a shady nuclear power plant outside of Tucson to a who-knows-what kind of fate.

Meanwhile, Dr. Faulkner escapes the Bio-Dome through the desert window door using the key Stubs swallowed. He flees into the real desert while the police search for him inside the complex; maybe never to be seen again.

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Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) released Bio-Dome on January 12, 1996. Jason Bloom directed the film starring Pauly Shore, Stephen Baldwin, and William Atherton.

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