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Blade Runner (1982)

Episode #56

Warner Bros released Blade Runner to theaters on June 25, 1982. Ridley Scott directed the film starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, and Edward James Olmos.

Blade Runner Movie Summary

In the film Blade Runner, Rick Deckard is a retired cop eking out a life in a dystopian Los Angeles in 2019. He was once known as a blade runner, a special police squad, with orders to shoot to kill, upon detection, any trespassing Replicant. Replicants were declared illegal on earth, under penalty of death, after a bloody mutiny by a Nexus-6 combat team in an Off-world colony. This was not called execution. It was called retirement.

Deckard is forced back into active duty by his old boss, Bryant, to track down some of these “skin jobs” as he calls them, that tried to break into the Tyrell Corporation, the company responsible for creating these delightful androids. Led by Roy Batty, a Nexus-6 model with incredible strength and intelligence, these dangerous machines murdered several humans to get to Earth.

Deckard is flown by Gaff to meet Elden Tyrell, the genius creator of the replicants, who allegedly has a Nexus-6 model on site for Deckard to interview, but first, Tyrell wants Deckard to interview his assistant, Rachael. He want to see a negative test before he provides Deckard with a positive. During this interview, Deckard discovers that Rachel is actually a special replicant who is unaware that she is not human because of false memories that were implanted in her when she was built.

Deckard leaves the Tyrell corporation and quickly finds his first skin job, a female replicant named Zhora, who has found work as an exotic dancer at Taffey’s Bar. Deckard promptly retires her with some bullets in her back, but is then attacked by another replicant, Leon, a combat/loader model who just witnessed Deckard kill her. Leon easily overpowers Deckard, and is about to kill him, when Rachael appears out of nowhere, and shoots Leon in the head.

In a forgotten part of town, the remaining two replicants, Roy Batty and his girlfriend, Pris, your basic pleasure model, tracks down one of Tyrell’s chief inventors, J.F. Sebastian. They use him to get a meeting with their creator, Elden Tyrell, and murder both him and Sebastian when they realize they can’t have a longer life span.

Deckard tracks the rogue replicants to Sebastian’s home, where Deckard quickly retires Pris. He then sets out to retire Roy, but he is no match against Roy’s intelligence, strength, and agility. Roy hunts Deckard throughout the empty arcology like a wolf on the prowl, and they end up at the top of the building with the rain pouring down all around them. Deckard tries to jump from one building to the next, but lands short, and nearly falls to his death. Roy pulls him up to safety, and sets him down next to him. Deckard watches in silence as Roy’s life span expires, and his android body shuts down for good.

Deckard returns home to save Rachel, the last known rogue replicant on Earth, and whom he is in love with. He knows there’s no way Bryant will let her live, and he takes her north before Gaff can retire her too. The movie ends with the two flying off into an uncertain future.

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Warner Bros released Blade Runner to theaters on June 25, 1982. Ridley Scott directs the film which stars Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, and Sean Young.

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