Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016)

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Madea lands in the midst of mayhem when she spends a haunted Halloween fending off killers, paranormal poltergeists, ghosts, ghouls, and zombies while keeping a watchful eye on her wild teenage great-niece. (Courtesy of Lionsgate)

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‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains spoilers.
Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016)Brian Simmons (Tyler Perry) lives near the Upsilon Theta fraternity house with his 17-year-old daughter Tiffany (Diamond White) and his young son B.J. (Dee Dubois). One day, Brian finds Tiffany and her three friends, Rain Mathison (Bella Thorne), Leah Devereaux (Lexy Panterra), and Aday Walker (Liza Koshy), talking to some of the fraternity brothers, Jonathan (Yousef Erakat), Horse (Brock O’Hurn), and Dino (Mike Tornabean). The fraternity brothers invite the underage girls to that night’s Halloween party. Brian orders Tiffany home and forbids her from attending the party. Tiffany plans to attend anyways and convinces preacher’s daughter Aday to go with her.

Brian suspects that Tiffany has plans to sneak out to the party since he is going out of town for a few days. Brian calls his aunt Madea Simmons (Tyler Perry) to come and watch his daughter while he is gone. Madea brings Brian’s father Joe Simmons (Tyler Perry), Madea’s cousin Betty “Bam” Murphy (Cassi Davis), and friend Hattie Mae Love (Patrice Lovely) to Brian’s house. The foursome criticizes Brian for his soft approach to parenting and advocate getting physical with the extremely disrespectful Tiffany. Brian tells Madea, Joe, and their friends that their ways of parenting are antiquated and unproductive. Brian informs them that he is trying to build a friendship with his daughter, but he is struggling to do so.

Tiffany is angered at her father’s attempt to keep her in the house and formulates a plan to sneak out anyway. She invents a ghost story about a man named Mr. Wilson who killed his family that leads some of the superstitious older adults to hide in the bedrooms. Tiffany places pillows in her bed and then sneaks out to the party with Aday, Rain, and Leah. Madea checks on Tiffany a brief time later and learns that she has snuck out. Madea, Hattie, and Bam head to the party to retrieve Aday and Tiffany.

I don’t play this Halloween bullshit! Joe Simmons (Tyler Perry)

At the party, the fraternity brothers run interference for the girls. Dino sneaks Aday and Tiffany upstairs to his and Jonathan’s bedrooms. Meanwhile, Jonathan keeps Madea preoccupied downstairs as Tyga makes a special appearance to perform a song. Madea becomes frustrated and pulls the plug on the concert which results in her, Hattie, and Bam being thrown out of the party. Once they are gone, Tiffany shares with Jonathan her Mr. Wilson story that she used to scare the older people. At the same time, Dino learns that Aday and Tiffany are only seventeen after he tries to have sex with the religious Aday. The frat boys immediately kick out the underage Aday and Tiffany, although Aday disappears. The police show up to shut down the party after Madea’s group calls them. The frat boys realize that Madea and her friends are responsible for the police bust and decide to prank them back. Aday overhears them planning their revenge against Madea’s group.

The boys pose as the ghost from Tiffany’s story. They hack into the house’s wiring and plumbing causing the water, lights, and televisions to turn on and off. Horse also sneaks into the attic dressed as a horrific clown. Madea, Bam, and Hattie flee the house, pursued by the frat boys and partygoers dressed as zombies. Joe stays at the house. Horse tries to scare him, but Joe knocks Horse out with a cane and ties him up. Horse reveals Jonathan’s plan to Joe.

Madea’s car stalls in the middle of the forest. The zombie partygoers catch up to them and scare the three older women. Madea runs into a church where Aday’s father (Javon Johnson) is a reverend. Madea requests to be saved, believing that all the supernatural events are happening to her because of her sins. Aday appears and confesses to sneaking out of the house and going to the party with Tiffany. She also informs Madea of the frat boys’ prank against her. Madea struggles to contain her anger but formulates a plan to get revenge against the fraternity with Aday, Hattie, and Bam.

Madea, Hattie, and Bam return to Joe’s house where Joe confirms the frat boys’ plot. Madea calls Brian and orders him to come home to deal with Tiffany. Brian continues to be reluctant to take aggressive action against his daughter, not wanting to lower himself to the parenting skills that his father and Madea used on him. Brian confronts Tiffany who admits to sneaking out of the house but continues to be disrespectful to her father. Madea, Bam, and Hattie reach their limit and storm up to Tiffany’s room to confront her. They begin packing up her things to throw her out of the house. Tiffany looks to her father for help, but when he refuses, she finally calls him out for being such a pushover with everyone. She reveals that she knew her mother was being unfaithful to him when they were married. She tells him that she does not respect him because he failed to confront her about her affairs.

With that, Brian begins packing Tiffany’s things up as well. He tells Tiffany that he knew about the affairs, but he did not confront his wife and ended the marriage to protect Tiffany and her brother from all the drama and pain. Brian explains that he makes the rules and decisions in his house to protect his children so they can make their own mistakes responsibly. He then issues an ultimatum to Tiffany of either living in his house under his rules or going out into the streets on her own. Tiffany agrees to stay and apologizes to everyone. The police then arrive at the door and reveal to Tiffany that Aday has gone missing. They arrest Tiffany in connection with her disappearance.

The next day, the police arrive at the frat house. The frat boys scramble after finding Aday’s seemingly murdered body in the basement. The police storm the house and charge the boys for bringing two underage girls to the party. When Aday’s body is found, they arrest the frat boys, Tiffany, Rain, and Leah for Aday’s murder. The police load them onto a prison bus with other prisoners and a fight breaks out on the bus. Everyone panics until Aday appears and reveals that she is truly alive. The arrests were a prank in retribution for the frat’s prank the night before.

The girls and the frat boys all apologize to Joe, Madea, and Madea’s friends. Brian informs Madea that the police who are searching the frat house are real police officers. One of the police officers recognizes Madea for her warrants. Madea and her friends take off running as the police pursue.

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Lionsgate released Boo! A Madea Halloween on October 21, 2016. Tyler Perry directed the film starring Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis, and Patrice Lovely.

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