Can’t Stop the Music (1980) Movie Summary

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Can’t Stop the Music is a retro time capsule that begins in a record store with wall to wall vinyl. Our main man, Jack, the effervescent pre-Police Academy Steve Guttenberg declares ‘My time is Now’ while quitting to go into show business. 

With stars in his eyes and roller skates on his feet, he dreams of one chance to make it big in the record industry.

Friend and recently retired international model, Sam (Valerie Perrine who openly admits this film ruined her future career), wants a demo tape to pass onto her contacts in hope success will transcend.

She also goes on a recruitment drive, inviting singers to her backyard gathering which doubles as a talent show.

In the meantime, Sam meets jovial Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, whom we actually meet in the film after being accosted by a little old lady thief, but still somehow ends up at Sams party with cake.

Despite slapstick moments with multiple drop in guests, the party is a hit on the musical side of things. Bruce/Caitlyn storms out unhappy at the frivolities.

Unfortunately, Sam has no success helping Jack. With only rejections, she visits her phone obsessed Ex, Paul Sand, music executive. He commits to a demo session for Jack’s potential group (which is still not together yet).

In the same building, Bruce/Caitlyn bumps into Sam, immediately apologizing for his actions at her party.

They eventually get it on atop a barbers chair, and become lovers. He lets his Wall Street office be used for open auditions; attracting everyone from batten twirlers, knife jugglers, and ventriloquists. Amongst them, a motorcycle guy ends up completing the group, and the Village People are born!

First stop YMCA for some ping pong, one-armed push ups, hot tub splashing and diving.
Sam is offered a commercial, and offers to come out of self-imposed model retirement to do the Milkshake, but only if the band is allowed to participate. That in turn creates an opportunity in San Francisco.

Hijacking Paul Sand on his own private jet plane, Jack and his adoring mom take him to the big gig the Village People have in San Francisco due to their success on their Milkshake advert.

Luck goes the bands way for the first time, gaining contracts for an album deal before even taking the stage.

Bruce/Caitlyn and Sam sort out further differences to become complete; just like how Jack describes his Village People declaring they are a group.

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